Light into Darkness (Vehicle Lighting)


You must be able to see at night, as well as make other vehicles see you. Take a few moments to double-check that all of your vehicle’s exterior lights are functioning. It may be beneficial to get some help from a friend because there are a few bulbs to check that are much easier to do with two people.

Walk around the car when it’s on (with the parking brake applied) to make sure no lights are burnt out. This includes high- and low-beam headlights, side lights, fog lights, taillights, and brake lights. Also, make sure that each turn signal, both front and back, is blinking properly. Also, make use of the emergency flashers.

Don’t forget to turn on the emergency lights. Put the vehicle in reverse and check the brakes to see if they are clean and functioning (don’t stand directly behind the vehicle, just in case). You don’t want to be blind when backing up at night, so make sure all backup lamps are turned on. Back up lights, which are now very popular thanks to the widespread use of rear view cameras, offer an extra measure of light to help you clear obstacles, animals, kids etc.

Check the lights on the inside as well. The instrument panel lights should be turned on so that you can see important information such as your rpm, fuel level, and engine temperature. When the doors open and the switch is switched on, the dome lights can be turned on.

If some of your bulbs have burned out, you can take them to your local Service Center and have them replaced. Some are difficult to access, and only professionals would know which replacement bulb to use. This is also a good time to verify if your headlights are properly aimed. Oncoming traffic should not be blinded. You would want to be able to see as far as your car is capable of seeing.

When it comes to headlights, one driving advice is to make sure you have enough stopping distance to come to a full stop within the area your headlights will illuminate. Rain, fog, and dust can all minimise night visibility, so you’ll want to slow down so you can stop in time.

Hope you find these suggestions “illuminating!”

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