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Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is vital to a smooth transmission. Because it cools and lubricates the transmission components, it’s crucial that you always have enough transmission fluid. When there isn’t enough fluid, the transmission will run hotter and may wear out sooner. Transmission fluid also provides the pressure needed to transfer the power from the engine to the transmission – not enough fluid and your transmission won’t shift properly.

Brake Fluid

The power brake system provides you with the breaking power you need to stop safely. If you have a problem with your brake pedal, it’s usually a problem with the fluid leaking somewhere along the line. It could be a hole or an internal leak in the cylinder. Lose enough fluid and you won’t be able to stop at all! If you notice any decrease in stopping power, or if your pedal seems mushy, it could be a problem with your power brakes.


The cooling system’s job is to keep the engine at an optimal operating temperature, around 94°C (200°F). A pump circulates the liquid coolant, which is made up of water and antifreeze. This pressurized liquid absorbs the heat from the engine and is then cooled in the radiator. Parts such as the thermostat, pressure cap, and hoses complete the system.

Power Steering Fluid

Our technicians will drain the old fluid and replace it with fresh one, which will help remove water and contaminants that can corrode power steering parts. Your steering parts can also be lubed to help them operate more smoothly.

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