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You know how exposing your skin to sunlight can cause sunburn and other unhealthy things.  Sunlight can also create major problems for your headlights.  After they’ve been exposed to ultraviolet light, acrylic headlights can yellow and fog due to oxidation.  And when that happens, less…
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We offer more than just expert car repairing service…

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NAPA Autopro Peace of
Mind Warranty

NAPA Autopro 24 months warranty

of worry-free protection on your qualifying car repair or service work at Techline Motors — or at 16,000 NAPA AUTOPRO and NAPA AutoCare locations across North America.


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We’ll keep your car young

Receive a no-charge 10 year/400,000 km limited warranty covering the auto repair or replacement of critical engine components if you receive regular service at Techline Motors.





• Towing • Battery Boost • Lock-Out Service • Fluid Delivery • Flat Tire Change

We only carry the best in tire brands.

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NAPA AUTOPRO is a nationwide network of over 600 repair centres with thousands of skilled and licenced automotive technicians. Their unrivalled experience, cutting-edge technology, and willingness to go above and beyond ensure that you and your vehicle are well cared for from start to finish. Techline Motors as one of the NAPA AUTOPRO location, have a dedicated team of highly qualified technicians on staff who can provide top-quality car repairs, expert maintenance, quality customer care and a wide range of services to keep your vehicle running for a very long time.

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Quality surveys report fewer problems with new cars than ever before. Back when cars spent more time in repair shops, drivers were more mindful of routine auto service. Now, it’s much easier to put it off.

So, what’s the benefit to drivers of keeping up with factory scheduled maintenance? Well, your vehicle will perform better and return better fuel economy. Those benefits pay for the service as you go along.

The big plus is that major repairs and the associated breakdowns are prevented. And these aren’t just repairs that are a long ways off. Modern engines are far more sophisticated and have many parts that are in critical need of proper lubrication. Missing just one oil change can allow oil sludge to start forming. Sludge clogs small engine passages, robbing parts of the lubrication they need – an expensive failure could easily occur within two or three years.

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Wherever you travel in North America, the NAPA Autopro Peace of Mind Limited Warranty provides worry-free protection on eligible repair or service work for 24 months/40,000 kilometres. More than 600 NAPA AUTOPRO sites in Canada and 11,000 NAPA AUTOCARE service centres in the United States honour your warranty.

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