Techline Motors Automotive Tips: Battery Maintenance

Automotive batteries are pretty pricey for most Kitchener drivers and at one point or another they all need to be replaced. Don’t worry however – there are some things you can do to prolong your battery life.

Here’s some background for the drivers who are scientifically inclined: there is a chemical process that takes place within the battery that allows it to be charged, store electricity, and to discharge (or give off), electricity.
When the battery does not have a full charge, there are tiny lead sulfate crystals on the lead plates in the battery. These crystals are soft and can change back into their component compounds when the battery is recharged.

The trouble develops when the battery stays in this partially discharged state for too long. Those crystals start to harden on the lead plate. Once this happens, the portion of the lead plate covered by the hardened crystals never again has the ability to help store electricity. So, over time, overall battery capacity diminishes until the battery can no longer hold a charge and must be replaced.

That stated, bringing your battery up to a full charge at least once a month during warm months will help protect its ability to hold a charge because the crystals don’t get a chance to harden. A frequency of one time every three months is good during the cold months because the chemical reaction slows down in lower temperatures.

Now, left on their own, 70% of batteries will die within 48 months. A consistent charging routine will prolong your battery life. Techline Motors can test your battery and tell you how much life it has left. And when it is time to replace your battery, come in and we’ll help you get the one that is appropriate for your car, your climate, and driving needs.
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